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Texts, Facebook, In Person: How Will You Be Dumped?

A new study investigates how people prefer to initiate breakups.

Whether you're the heartbreaker or the heartbroken, breakups are the WORST. They usually start with a gigantic fight and even if that leads to some awesome makeup sex, breakups always end with at least one person in tears.

It would make wayyy more sense to avoid that whole mess and just break up though text (or maybe through memes) instead. Right?

Wrong. Last December, the ringback tone app LISTEN surveyed over 1,000 U.S. adults about their breakup preferences using the polling site YouGov. Their results aren't super surprising but are very reassuring in our internet-fueled world.

When the participants were asked about how they'd initiate a breakup, they overwhelmingly voted for a face-to-face conversation. 28% said they would end a relationship over the phone, less than 6% said they'd do the deed through a social media message and less than 2% said they'd end it via text.

These stats kinda restore your faith in humanity, don't they? It's nice to know that in our digital society, people still have the decency to dump someone in person.

The study also explored how people deal with heartbreak. Around 25% of Americans change their Facebook status post-breakup, with 19% completely unfollowing their ex on various social media sites. Almost half of all young adults use music to cope with their emotional pain. And as for the people who need to talk it out, they most commonly turn to their close female friend, their mom or a sibling for advice.