Pepe Jeans

Cara Delevingne Grinds Against Some Statues For Pepe Jeans

Cara gone wild.

We have to give it up for Pepe Jeans, because their decision to cast Bacon Queen Cara Delevingne as the star of their 'Made For Mischief' clothing campaign was truly inspired. When it comes to splashing water into the chiseled faces of male models or ridin' dirty on a few on horse statues around London, no one does it better than our Patron Saint of Bucket Hats.

This may not be the first time Cara's modeled for Pepe Jeans, but their latest vid is definitely her coolest work for them so far. She uploaded a short clip (shot in an ~edgy~ black and white, BTW) to Instagram, and let's just say things get wet.

And wild.

Dare we say...WET 'N WILD?!

Ok, ok, it's not a wet t-shirt contest, but still. If buying those jeans means we get to jump in fountains around Europe with supermodels, then sign us up ASAP, because watching that was kind of like watching a vacation. A really gorgeous, unobtainable vacation.

Watch the full video here for more Cara!