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13 'Daredevil' Trailer Scenes You Need To See Again

He just wants to make his city better. Is that so wrong?

Marvel and Netflix dropped the first "Daredevil" trailer today, and you don't need heightened super-senses to know that this show looks good — and dark.

Gone is the red-leather cheese of the Ben Affleck days. The Matt Murdock we see in this not-quite-two-minute trailer is clad in black and kissing the pavement with bloody lips as he wages his war on crime throughout Hell's Kitchen. In a word, it's intense.

"Daredevil" doesn't premiere for a few months yet, but even with this first trailer, there's plenty to chew on. Here are 13 scenes that deserve another look:

  1. Here's Daredevil!

    Can't see him? Yeah, neither can we. Like we said, this show is dark, both in tone and aesthetic. The trailer shows no sign of Daredevil's bright red uniform, instead opting for an all-black suit ala Frank Miller. He seems more Batman than Affleck — which, thinking on it, has a whole new layer of irony all of its own.

  2. See no evil, hear plenty of it.

    Although he's blind, attorney Matt Murdock's other senses are heightened to superhuman levels. In this shot, we get a sense of how that works on the screen, with Murdock listening intently to the buzz of the streets.

  3. Feel the evil, too.

    In this scene, Murdock stalks down a dimly lit corridor (safe assumption that all "Daredevil" corridors will be dimly lit) and places his hand on a wall. As he does, we hear the buildup of screams and commotion on the other side — yet another hint at how the show will represent Murdock's powers.

  4. Matt's a churchgoing man.

    The trailer features Murdock talking to a priest, confessing sins that he has not yet committed, but is about to. Expect this relationship to flesh out throughout the 13-episode series. And speaking of flesh...

  5. Matt's an abs man.

    Charlie. Cox. Looking. Good.

  6. Matt's a dead man?

    In the trailer, we see a woman hovering over a man in a suit, covered in blood. The guy sure looks dead, but... isn't that Murdock? Compare this potential corpse's suit with other shots of a suit-clad Murdock, and it sure looks like the same guy. As for the woman, she sure looks like...

  7. Meet Karen Page.

    Played by "True Blood" alum Deborah Ann Woll, Karen is one of Matt's many love interests from the comics, and a secretary in his law office as well.

  8. Meet Foggy Nelson.

    Played by "Mighty Ducks" alum Elden Henson, Foggy is Matt's fellow attorney-at-law and best pal. Not Jon Favreau, but the artist formerly known as Fulton Reed will suffice.

  9. Meet Stick.

    Legendary actor Scott Glen plays Daredevil's mentor, the man who will coach Matt Murdock from a boy without fear into a man without fear.

  10. Meet Wilson Fisk.

    At least, meet the back of his head. This is all we get to see of the cunning Kingpin, played by heavyweight Vincent D'Onofrio, and he remains right at the top of the list of reasons to be excited for "Daredevil."

  11. Meet the streets.

    Hell's Kitchen, a beautiful place in real life, not so much in the modern Marvel Cinematic Universe. Daredevil's neighborhood of choice in the comics springs to life in a faithfully violent way in the "Daredevil" trailer, and it's here we'll see Murdock and Fisk wage war on one another.

  12. See Matt jump!

    Jump, Matt, jump!

  13. See Matt fall.

    The bloodiest kiss of them all.

Check out the trailer one more time:

"Daredevil" premieres on April 10.