Two Of Your Fave 'Boy Meets World' Stars Are Coming To 'Girl Meets World'

Shawn's 'World' just got a lot more interesting...

Since last summer, fans of the beloved TGIF classic "Boy Meets World" have enjoyed a weekly mini-reunion on the Friday night Disney hit "Girl Meets World." Corey (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) are on it every week, and recently, Rider Strong's bad-boy Shawn rejoined the fun... although, with this latest casting news, that "fun" might soon hit a major snag.

Two very prominent members of Shawn's past will soon return to "haunt" him -- one quite literally -- for "Girl" season two. First up is Trina McGee's Angela, who dated the leather jacket-clad sensitive soul for multiple seasons before BREAKING HIS HEART INTO A MILLION PIECES. You remember her, right? Of course you do:

Also on the roster is Blake Clark as Shawn's father, Chet, who died and is literally going to return as a ghost. You remember him, right? Of course you do:

It's going to be an emotional whirlwind, y'all -- and the fact that their reunion episode is titled "Girl Meets Hurricane" suggests that this will be a big one for the Matthews/Hunter/Lawrence gang. It won't air for several months, but that gives us AMPLE time to get psyched for this precious late '90s nostalgia masterpiece.