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Watch Kanye West Give Big Sean Words Of Encouragement -- And Smile While He Does

The G.O.O.D. Music rappers talk 'Blessings.'

Kanye West has been Big Sean's mentor since he brought the Detroit native aboard G.O.O.D. Music, and some new in-studio footage gives us a taste of what that relationship is like.

"They gotta make the adjustment; you a big artist now." Yeezy says to Sean in a clip released by RevoltTV, where the two are joined in the studio by Pusha T. "'I Don't F--k With You' is only gonna get bigger, and if you drop this song with you and Drake...and me!"

Kanye and Sean both laughed at that last bit, probably because they knew what the response would be like when people saw that a track with the two of them and Drizzy existed -- let alone when they pressed play. When that single, "Blessings," dropped last week, it became pretty clear his theory was spot on.

"That's just gonna give it more legs," 'Ye continued, referencing how "Blessings" adds to the momentum the 26-year-old has built heading into his new album, Dark Sky Paradise. "N---as gonna be salivating like, 'Oh, I'm on this Sean sh--.'"

Then, we see Kanye as master of encouragement and positivity.

"Everything's happening for a reason, man," he said. "Man, this sh-- is lining up beautifully, man. Synergy, man. You was on god's path, man, and only success can happen to you now."

That's love.

Dark Sky Paradise hits stores Feb. 24.