Steven Yeun Is Tired Of 12 Year-Old Girls Getting Mistaken For Him

Seriously, not all Asian people look alike.

All you Fake Steven Yeuns out there, the real Steven Yeun has your number.

Yeun, a.k.a. the best boyfriend in Zombie America, was on "Conan" Tuesday night to promote the return of "The Walking Dead." But he also had a second priority: To address the scourge of people of Asian descent who are not Steven Yeun being mistaken for Steven Yeun in public.

"It's wild, people will come up and be like, 'I get mistaken for you all the time,'" Yeun said. "And I'm like, 'You're 55 years old! Or you're a 12 year-old girl -- what are you talking about?'"

Personally, we could never mis-identify Steven Yeun, because our bedroom is wallpapered with his beautiful face we are professional pop culturalists whose job it is to accurately recognize celebrities. But if you're one of those monsters who've been walking around, identifying old men and little girls willy-nilly as Steven Yeun, he's got a message for you:

"Once and for all, we don't all look alike," the actor said. "That's what I'm here to tell you."