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Re-Watch Katy Perry's Entire Super Bowl Halftime Show In Under 3 Minutes

This time-lapse video is nuts.

The only thing that comes remotely close to Katy Perry’s mind-blowing Super Bowl halftime show this past Sunday (Feb. 1) at the University of Phoenix Stadium is the time-lapse video of it. Why? Because faster things are better. Look it up.

In the 2.5-minute clip, which was posted on Facebook, all of the “This Is How We Do” singer’s performance highlights—from the OMG-did-you-see-that? prismatic mecha-lion to the “The More You Know” shooting star aerial act to the scene-stealing Missy Elliot cameo—is seen through the magic of speeding up the normal frame rate to hyper speed.

While the video lacks the intimate close-up views of the eye-popping pyrotechnics, Left Shark and Katy’s totally flame-boyant dress, it’s still a great way to relive the epic performance in no time flat.

Also, the absence of sound can easily be fixed by playing “Firework" on a loop in your head.

Boom, boom, boom!