Chance Faulkner via Twitter (@Cfaulknerphoto)

Forget Magnets On The Fridge -- This Father Tattoos His Kid's Doodles On Himself

Magnets on the refrigerator? Pffffffft.

If you’re one of those dads who takes pride in posting your kids’ drawings on the refrigerator, that’s commendable -- but one guy just sprinted past you like Usain Bolt for that Father of the Year Award.

Instead of magnetizing his four-year old son Kal’s works of art to the fridge, Laughing Squid reports that Keith Anderson of Peterborough, Ontario, took a more permanent approach by getting them tattooed on his arm.

In the years since that first tat, Anderson, who sports an impressive beard, has made it an annual ritual, choosing one doodle to etch onto his skin -- except when he was 9, when the winning sketch was vetoed based on artistic reasons.

One drawing on his right bicep, features a tiny yellow house, while another, on the right forearm, is an orange seahorse.

According to the series photographer Chance Faulkner, Anderson’s tattoo tradition will continue live on as long as Kai keeps up his artistic expression.