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Frankie Grande & Miranda Sings Lip-Sync For Their Lives In Lance Bass' New Video: Watch

'Feels like I'm walking on aiiiiiiiir.'

Ex-*NSYNCer and adorable newlywed Lance Bass made us all super excited last summer when he dropped his first song in 12 years. “Walking On Air” was a bonafide club banger that no one could resist dancing to, and signaled a huge change in the singer’s usual bubblegum-pop sound.

The track -- originally recorded by producer Anise K -- was released in January 2014 and featured Bass, Australian singer Bella Blue, and a Snoop Dogg-assisted verse.

But on Tuesday (February 3), Bass dropped a new version of the song featuring only his and Blue’s vocals, as well as a hilarious video that enlists four of Bass’ Internet-famous friends.

First up, there’s Miranda Sings in all her zany, red-lipsticked glory.


Next, YouTube extraordinaire Hannah Hart takes to the streets to lip-sync her heart out.


Frankie Grande (a.k.a., Ariana's big bro) joins the party with some freakin’ fabulous choreography (and even a little strip tease).


And vlogger and comedian Grace Helbig graces us with her lovably awkward dancing.


OK, so it's a little bit of a bummer that we don't get to see Lance's beautiful face in the video, but those four definitely make up for it with their awesome dancing skillz.

Watch the whole video below, and tell us what you think in the comments!