13 Reasons We'll Miss Adam Pally On 'The Mindy Project'

Unless you B-to-D.

When we heard "The Mindy Project"'s resident bro, Peter Prentice, would be leaving the Fox comedy, our hearts broke, and we honestly haven't completely processed the news that Adam Pally's farewell episode airs tonight.

But, don't worry -- the actor is leaving on good terms. His contract was set to end after a year-and-a-half all along, and even though he'll be returning to his "Happy Endings" Network ABC as a producer, we're sure we'll see Peter Prentice pop into the Schulman & Associates office from time to time.

The series has had a few cast members come and go, but Peter Prentice's departure seems especially sad. The OB/GYN went from the juvenile frat-bro we couldn't stand, to an endearing, emotionally vulnerable slob we couldn't help but love. His relationships and chemistry with the other cast have been fundamental to the series, and we can't help but notice this is a huge loss.

But since this is an amicable break-up, we're choosing to remember all the good times. Here are the moments that will make us miss Mr. Wedding the most:

  1. When He Realized He Was A Bit Of A Jerk

    Yay for character development!

  2. When He Transformed Into Mr. Wedding

    Did your heart just skip a beat?

  3. When Peter & Mindy’s date At USA Girl Café Was A Disaster

    She did tell her period story.

  4. But He's Always Been A Loyal Friend
  5. When He Made Eating Rotting Grapes Sexier Than Anyone Else Ever Could

    For a friend in need.

  6. When He Was A Pro At Sexting

    The winky-face is emoji porn.

  7. When Peter Prentice’s Banging In Bed Bootcamp Both Enlightened & Disturbed Us

    You know you want to enlist.

  8. When He Fought Like A Man

    Clearly, his ex, Lauren, lost out.

  9. He's Got Your Back
  10. When He Beat Reigning Beer Pong Champ Shonda Rhimes

    "Lefty" no more.

  11. When His Innuendo Pep Talks Made You Uncomfortable
  12. When He Gifted Us New Slang

    "Beg to differ", duh.

  13. When He Reminded Us Of His Assets

In case you can't handle all the emotions of Peter's farewell, Mindy is here for you.