Skylar Grey's 'Fifty Shades' Song Gets On Its Knees And Begs

Here's to grasping on to a love that is slipping away...

Are you emotionally ready for this new song from the "Fifty Shades of Grey" soundtrack? The answer is probably no, but if you're feeling ambitious, it's time to dive into Skylar Grey's offering for the sensual movie, modeled after E.L. James' bestselling novel.

Grey sings sweetly and achingly for her lover to fully commit, telling him "I know you, baby." It's as if they've been through it all before and she just wants to be in love without complications.

"Don't complicate it/ Don't let the past dictate/ I have been patient but slowly/ I'm losing/ Faith," Grey sings over a cluster of orchestral strings.

Listen up, and go down that road, if you dare: