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OMG, You Might Be Able To Buy The Super Bowl Shark Costume Soon


People just can't stop talking about the sharks that (sort of) danced alongside Katy Perry during her Super Bowl halftime performance because, let's be honest, they were so hilarious. I mean, who wouldn't want to dress like a Great White from head to feet? Well as it turns out, New York-based menswear company Bonobos might be turning our dreams into a reality.

It all started with this tweet:

Bonobos asked their Twitter followers if they should recreate the now-infamous costume, and the obvious answer was "yes." (Although, we haven't seen the Kickstarter yet.)

Then, they launched this landing page, which features an illustration of the costume next to an email signup to get all of the shark suit updates.

A day later, they made more progress by creating a mood board for this supposed shark costume. Brilliant.

And today, it looks like a designer is hard at work creating the costume surrounded by.... buckets of sand. We're 100% aware that this could be a total troll sesh, but either way, we appreciate the hardcore shark suit dedication. Pray that this is real! #LEFTSHARK for 2015!