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You May Actually Be Able To Get Your Hands On Kanye West's Adidas Collaboration

Adidas unveils its new app just in time.

Today, Adidas announced its sneaker reservation app—Adidas Confirmed—which will allow shoppers to get their hands on "the most coveted hype sneakers." Even more exciting? Adidas' highly anticipated Kanye West collab will be available through the app. Yeah, take a second to go download it right now.


The app aims to give sneakerheads "a fair shot of getting access to the shoes," which means lining up in the cold/rain/extreme heat will be a thing of the past. Adidas Confirmed will use "geo-targeting technology" to make sure only actual, IRL people in the vicinity will have access to the shoes—bye, bots.

It's as easy as signing up, reserving whatever shoes are available in your zip code, and then picking them up at your designated store.

If you haven't downloaded the app already, you're going to want to before New York Fashion Week kicks off next week because, um, this is floating around on Twitter:

According to Complex, this just might be the real deal, but either way—your best shot at getting your feet into a pair of Kanye's new shoes is through Adidas Confirmed.