EXCLUSIVE: Need A Valentine's Day Anthem? Wardell Is Here With 'Love/Idleness'

It's like a midwinter night's dream.

Wardell know a little something about love -- the kind of love that lays you out, it's so overwhelming. Just take one listen to their new song, "Love/Idleness" and you'll be nodding your face off. You know, if you've ever been in love/don't have a fusebox for a heart.

The song, premiering Tuesday (February 3) at wardell.mtv.com, comes off of brother/sister duo Sasha and Theo Spielberg's (yes, that Spielberg) upcoming record by the same name. Sasha and Theo have been recording together since 2011 -- you know, after 20+ years of living under the same roof -- dropping their first song, "Opossum," that year and the EP Brother/Sister in 2013. According to the siblings, "Love/Idleness" marks a new direction for the fledgling band's sound.

"The song is kind of about feeling restless, but also feeling in love," Sasha told MTV News of the sweet, syrupy, R&B-tinged slow jam, Theo honing in on the line, "I get so high that I would have gone back in time to be in it" by way of explanation.

"We initially had some trepidations surrounding that, because we're not gigantic stoners or anything," Theo said, stressing that "high," in this case isn't Tove Lo's kind of "high." It's more of an emotional thing. "It sort of ended up representing that love and idleness theme -- in terms of getting high on an emotion that you have to counterbalance that with an act of idleness," he added.

If the phrase "love/idleness" -- or, rather, "love in idleness" -- sounds familiar, it's because it sprung from arguably literature's main authority on love: William Shakespeare.

"[Love in idleness is] from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream,'" Theo said. "It's a flower -- I think you put it in the eye of somebody and they fall in love with the next person that they see. [The song is] not named after that actual thing -- we just liked exploring that dichotomy of love and idleness. They can be very similar or one in the same -- but also can feel different at the same time. While making this album we sort of investigated the full spectrum of that."

Love/Idleness drops on February 10, mere days from Valentine's Day. Something tells us that wasn't a coincidence.