See Christian And Ana's Climactic Interview In This New 'Fifty Shades' Clip

Stare much?

It would appear that Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) has a bit of a staring problem in this new clip from "Fifty Shades of Grey," debuted this morning on "TODAY."

The clip, which depicts the tail end (not that kind of tail, wait your turn) of Anastasia's (Dakota Johnson) initial interview with Christian, shows him trying to find out more information about sweet, innocent Ana. And a little chat about English literature, of course. Naturally.

It also contains the most uncomfortable quasi-job offer in history, followed by an even more uncomfortable refusal. "I mean, look at me," is not a great line to drop in interviews, by the way.

We don't get to see the first half of the interview, so we don't quite know yet if Ana has dropped the super-awkward, straight-up "are you gay" question written into the book, but lucky for us, we only have to wait 10 more little days to find out.

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