Greatest Bachelor Party Ever Turns Groom Into Rambo: Watch

Sylvester Stallone may want to hire the groomsmen who filmed this crazy explosive adventure.

All other bachelor parties are forever deemed inadequate. That's because of "Rambo Day," the 20-minute video below documenting a surprise party thrown for bachelor Dana Saint, who's a Rambo film fanatic.

Most friends would've probably just incorporated a Rambo drinking game into the bachelor party proceedings, but Saint's friends took it up about 100 notches, pooling their talents and resources to make Saint a real-life action hero. Using fake cop cars, an arsenal of paintball guns and real pyrotechnics, they orchestrated a day full of activities in which Saint would reenact Sylvester Stallone's legendary action scenes of escaping the law and freeing POWs.

In all, Saint traveled 20 miles in the shoes of John Rambo. His buddies filmed the whole thing and edited it together as though it were a real movie. The finished product was posted yesterday:

Turns out these guys have their own production company, which makes sense. Consider it a warning shot to all other bachelor parties. Sly, you need any extra help with "Last Blood”?