Oscar Nominee Luncheon: This Is The Best-Looking Yearbook Picture You've Ever Seen

So many good looking people on one set of bleachers.

Every year, we see the Oscars class photo, a gathering of all the Academy Awards' nominees for the year. The dazzlingly famous acting nominees mingle with the effects supervisors, screenwriters and other normcore types, all of them stacked up on tiered bleachers and acting like they're all BFFFFFFF.

As it turns out, the 200-ish nominees don't just apparate onto those bleachers. Weird! The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences this year used its Instagram account to show us a bit of how that gorgeous-people-picture sausage gets made. As it turns out, it's a lot like a high school graduation, but with way more couture and expertly tailored suits.

Here are the Best Actress nominees being herded together:

Everyone had to wear nametags (nominees' nametags were gold):

As it turns out, the nominees' names are called, one by one:

And everyone must make the lonely walk to the stage, including Steve Carell:

And Emma Stone:

Do you see Oprah? We see Oprah.

And here's the final product. Check out host Neil Patrick Harris owning that center front row:


Stay tuned to MTV News for all your Oscar news between now and the big show on February 22.

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