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Rob Dyrdek Recalls Bringing The Very First Skate Plaza To Life

The 'Fantasy Factory' star reveals how it all began -- from the ground up.

Watch any episode of "Fantasy Factory" and you'll find Rob Dyrdek gleefully blowing something up, but demolition isn't his only talent -- the stuntman is equally likely to bring something new to life., which is devoting an entire month to coverage of Rob's Street League Skateboarding Foundation, recently caught up with the boarder to discuss his path to opening the Kettering Skate Plaza in his Ohio hometown -- which is the very first of its kind. And, as it it comes as any surprise, Rob essentially taught himself the ins and outs of the operation.

"I went through a lot to figure it all out," he explains in a video on the site's page. "I had to go from teaching myself how to draft, to completely drafting that plaza and then go through the process of pricing that plaza, and then redrafting it again and pricing it again."

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Rob says his initial goal was to complete construction of one plaza -- which he says is unique for its more casual design -- but that the idea caught on, and that the concept has grown by leaps and bounds.

"Today, the plazas have evolved into all aspects," he shares. "The evolution of the plaza always came from the idea of just a really good place to ride a skateboard that you could ride at anytime, and that's what the foundation always stands for -- being a place that's free, open and legal...for those that are technical to do really hard stuff, and for those who are learning to just have fun."

Be sure to watch the full interview, and catch Rob on "Fantasy Factory" and "Ridiculousness" starting on Thursday at 10/9c on MTV!