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Chris Brown And Tyga's 'Ayo' Video Is Here To Remind You They're Great At Making Music -- And Also Really, Really Rich

Fan of a Fan 2 drops this month.

If you'd like a reminder about the amount of money Chris Brown and Tyga make, and how they spend it -- or, occasionally, just dispose of it -- look no further than their "Ayo" video. I didn't need that reminder, but they gave it to me anyways.

The official video for the lead Fan of a Fan 2 single is out, and between CB dumping a truckload of money into a pool and T-Raww showing off his gold toilet, this plays like a ridiculous episode of MTV Cribs.

They don't just live out a life of luxury at a house in the hills, though; the frequent collaborators also take to the streets and zip their Lamborghinis through the streets of Los Angeles. At first, it looks like they're drag racing each other -- but then it becomes priority to outdo a cop in hot pursuit, played by Mike Epps.

Fan of a Fan 2, a follow up to Brown and Tyga's 2010 mixtape Fan of a Fan, drops on Feb. 24.