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Forget Left Shark, Find Out How Katy Perry Made History At The Super Bowl

Missy Elliott had a pretty epic night (and next day) too.

You can stop talking about how hot right shark is and laughing at left shark's goofy moves. Because there's only one person who made history at the Super Bowl on Sunday night, and it's halftime performer Katy Perry.

According to Nielsen data, Perry's 13-minute show featuring Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz was the most-watched halftime show ever with 118.5 million viewers. That's more than the previous record holder, Bruno Mars' 2014 gig, which was seen by 115.3 million. In fact, Nielsen said that the 8-8:30 time period where Katy rocked the crowd outperformed every other half-hour block of the game except the heart-stopping final 40 minutes. Makes sense that she would permanently tattoo the moment on her body.

The game between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks also broke records, drawing 114.5 million viewers, making it the most watched show in U.S. TV history, with tune-in peaking during the thrilling finale at 120.8 million.

Katy wasn't the only one who worked it, either. Elliott, who has been taking an extended break from music to deal with health issues, has gotten a huge digital sales surge in the wake of her three-song cameo also.

At press time, Elliott's 2002 hit "Work It" and 2001's "Get Ur Freak On" were still, #5 and #6, respectively on the iTunes singles chart while 2005's "Lose Control" was at #8. Meanwhile, the songs Perry performed had also gotten bumps: "Roar" shot up to #22, "Firework" was at #38, "Dark Horse" was at #42 and "California Gurls" was at #158.

Katy was killing it on the iTunes album chart, too, with the deluxe version of Teenage Dream charging back up to #7 (and the original version at #22), the deluxe version of Prism at #16 (with the original version at #21) and her 2008 breakthrough One of the Boys at #23.