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Watch Drake And 5SOS Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

Does Drizzy really look like He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?

When you’re a mega-star like Drake or the guys from 5 Seconds Of Summer, you're probably pretty familiar with the whole "haters gonna hate" thing. But, it still must sting to read that hateration all the time, right?

Well, when you’re as cool as they are, you also know how to take a joke. So, Drizzy, 5SOS and Josh Groban joined in on Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” bit. This edition proves Twitter users have no chill.

Here’s what Drake had to read:

The original poster saw this and was “hella embarrassed.” Can you blame her?

A 5SOS hater who said they would “rather bathe” in vomit than go to a 5SOS tour appearance isn’t on Twitter anymore, but their fans are still out there.

Josh Groban had to read this mean tweet: “Would you rather: listen to Josh Groban or have diarrhea ladled into your ear? Hard choice, amirite?”

And remember, this is just a preview of the upcoming mean tweets segment. It looks like there’s a lot more ruthlessness to read.