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All The Pop Culture References You Never Need To Make Again

Quoting stuff is great, unless it's any of this stuff. Then it's terrible.

Referencing pop culture can be a great way to connect humans across the world over a singular shared experience. It can also be a way to piss off everyone around you, and pretty much guarantee you'll never "make a sexy time" with anybody.

There's fun pop culture references ... and there's these pop culture references, which are so old and lame they make you sound like you just got out of a 15-year coma. You didn't just get out of a 15-year coma, did you? I didn't think so. (And if you did, you should probably get a Facebook.)

  1. Anything from any "Austin Powers" movie

    Like almost everything on this list, Austin Powers was once a very funny thing, and it was even kinda funny to hear someone say, "Yeah, baby!" That stopped around 1998.

  2. "I'm Rick James, bitch!"

    Dave Chappelle is hilarious; you quoting him is the opposite of that. The man gave up millions of dollars because you wouldn't shut up. How about we give it a rest?

  3. "I've got 99 problems, but..."

    Sadly, 96 of those problems were losers making jokes about this song for the next 50 years.

  4. "YOLO!"
    Fahim Fadz./Flickr

    Not nearly as old as the rest, but somehow way more infuriating. Actually, people should keep saying it -- it's a great way to learn that you never want to talk to someone ever again.

  5. "That's what she said"

    Every time a grown person says this, a baby cries. Please stop making babies cry.

  6. "Yo Adrian!"

    While this movie is still very, very good, this quote is now very, very bad.

  7. 97% of memes

    Memes are like bananas: they're fun for a week, and then they start getting gross.

  8. The "Thriller" dance

    The song? A must-play on Halloween. The dance? Maybe if you're an uncle at a wedding. MAYBE.

  9. "Run, Forrest, run!"

    This quote is like a box of chocolates ... a very, very old box of chocolates that will make everyone sick.

  10. "We're not in Kansas anymore"

    No, we aren't. We're in the part of town where saying that makes you an a-hole.