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13 Reasons Britney Spears' Spectacular 2000 Grammys Performance Was The Greatest Grammy Moment Of All Time

From the bottom of my broken heart, I speak the truth.

Last week, Grammy producer Ken Ehrlich told HITS Daily Double that in his 35 years of producing the Grammy Awards, Britney Spears' 2000 performance stands out as one of the most disappointing in his mind. "I thought it was a mistake," he told the site. But, as any reasonable human being will tell you, the only mistake present is the opinion he offered.

Britney's performance of "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart" and "...Baby One More Time" had everything, and I mean literally everything: dystopian robot dancers, floral puberty symbolism -- the only conceivable theme for the performance was, like, all the themes.

I present to you, 13 reasons why Britney's 2000 Grammy performance was one of the greatest Grammy moments of all time. And if you still disagree once you reach the end, you're not invited to my party in France.

  1. The Meta Opening

    We're watching a young Britney Spears watching the Grammys in the past from the present as she dreams about performing at the Grammys in the future. *brains explodes*

  2. The Entrance
  3. The Dance Of The Shuttlecocks
  4. The Peafowl Mating Dance
  5. Britney's Conservative Take On Bianca's Pink Tulle Prom Dress From "10 Things I Hate About You"

    So whelmed rn.



  7. That Lightning Orb In The Back

    I've never wanted to go into a Spencer's Gifts more in my entire life.

  8. Brit's Backup Dancers' Hats
  9. The Red Jumpsuit

    A hint at red "Oops!... I Did It Again" catsuits yet to come?

  10. This Dance Break
  11. This Spin

    Tornadoney. Cycloneney. Wind in the Willowney.

  12. This Choreographé
  13. And The Confident Closing Gaze

    Any questions?