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Katy Perry, Mindy Kaling, And Gisele: Keough Novak Wrote The Only Super Bowl Tweets That Matter

If you don't already follow Keough Novak on Twitter, you should absolutely do that right now. Why? Because she's one of the smartest, sassiest 16-year-olds* on the internet and her timeline is full of nonstop LOLs. Also, she's fluent in emoji.

That's why, when she asked if anyone wanted her to live tweet the Super Bowl and she targeted a bunch of other people who weren't us, we had to insert ourselves. Lucky for us (and all our followers), she obliged, and the Super Bowl was a bajillion times more entertaining for it.

Her introduction was perfect.

She nailed all the important football talk.

As well as commentary on all of those dark AF commercials.

Well, at least not ALL of them were dark.

She was so excited, she forgot to sign it!

She wasn't afraid to say what everyone else was thinking.

Or to point out absurdities.

She showed a breadth of interests from music.

To cinema.

She even used the platform to point out the glaring inequities between men and women.

And to dole out sympathies.

There was srsly no shortage of whip smart observations.

But her reaction to Katy Perry's halftime performance was the best of all.

There was a little more football after that.

Then, sadly, we had to say goodbye and let her run her own handle again.

*I'm pretty sure I'm obligated by journalism or whatever to tell you that Keough is actually the fictional sister of actor/author/human genius B.J. Novak. But just be cool and play along, OK?