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Want To Know What Being Jay Z Feels Like? Watch Goodbye Tomorrow's New Video

Who is Goodbye Tomorrow?

There's a little Jay Z in all of us right?

OK, so maybe you're not a multiplatinum rap icon, and you're definitely not married to Beyoncé, but what about on your best day when you're feeling like you beat the odds and you're completely on top of your game?

If you can relate, then Chicago artist Goodbye Tomorrow has just the song for you.

On Monday (Feb. 2), the Chicago MC dropped a trippy video for his new track "Jay Z" and while the song isn't directly about Hov, it uses him as an inspiration. "Girls on the floor goin' crazy/ In a Mercedes, feelin' like I'm Jay Z," he sings on the track's hook.

The song's video tells an abstract story and at the end sends an over-arching synopsis: “'Jay Z' A dissertation on the diaspora of the BLACK soul."

We're not sure if Goodbye Tomorrow even appears in the video. In one scene, a group of young black men, standing in front of a car are attacked by an opposing group of young white men. The "Jay Z" video seems to be a commentary on the cultural appropriation in hip-hop that has made headlines of late, but that's just our take on it.

What do you think?