Who Knew Detective Jimmy McNulty From 'The Wire' Could Rap?

Watch your back Mack Wilds.

The cast of HBO's groundbreaking series "The Wire" are a pretty talented bunch, and Dominic West just surprised us by showing off his rappin' skills.

"The Wire" actor Tristan Wilds made his successful transition to a rapper/singer under the alias, Mack Wilds, but apparently he has some competition from West, who played detective James McNulty on the show.

To be fair though, West isn't pursuing this as a full-time career, he's just helping out the kids!

In the video above, you can see him set up a cypher and even rap the hook with some MCs from the U.K. in order to promote a new filled called "Guillemot." The film was crated by production company Full Effect, which offers mentoring to youth who become wrapped up in violence and crime.

"Guillemot" was created by 15 of those talented young people and it explores some of the difficult choices that a 16-year-old girl named Tylar has to make.

West doesn't appear in the film, but in order to help promote it, he interviewed three of the castmembers and joined the cypher, which appeared on a youth channel called SB.TV.

You've always gotta do it for the kids.