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Coworkers Investigated For Sexy Time At Office ... In Plain View Of Crowded Bar

The most exciting thing to ever happen at an insurance company?

A pub full of New Zealanders apparently had some unexpected entertainment last Friday when two coworkers gave each other the business in the insurance office across the street.

The employees of Marsh Limited in Christchurch, New Zealand, were hooking up in their lit office building at around midnight, reports New Zealand's 3 News, unaware they were putting on a show for everyone at the nearby Carlton, one of the city's busiest drinking establishments.

And it sounds like the patrons/voyeurs thoroughly enjoyed the performance. One witness said the deed was so clearly visible that even the live band at the bar stopped playing and joined the cheering spectators.

Both members of the accidentally exhibitionist couple reportedly work for Marsh Ltd, and the company has released a statement on the incident: "Marsh is very disappointed by the conduct of two colleagues at our Christchurch premises. The inappropriate actions of these two individuals are not representative of the many professional colleagues that we have at Marsh."

According to TVNZ, "It is understood that the pair thought the tinted windows in the office would stop anyone from looking in." That's what supply closets are for, guys.

Watch the blurred (yet still borderline NSFW) video here.