Port Authority Police

This Bag Of 1,000 Condoms Shut Down NYC's Bus Station

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "mystery package."

An unattended bag at a major Manhattan bus terminal sparked an investigation requiring bomb-sniffing dogs over the weekend. Fortunately, it was a false alarm ... since the contents were all about safety.

Officials spotted a silver messenger bag next to the waiting room at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station Friday during rush hour, and canine units were brought in to inspect it for explosives. NJ.com reports that traffic was rerouted while the mysterious package was being examined, and after the police dogs cleared it, authorities opened it to find...

(Dramatic pause.)

...roughly 1,000 individually packaged male and female condoms of various makes and models -- including New York City's very own brand of free "NYC" condoms. *sigh of relief*

Better safe than sorry! (Same goes for using 'em.)

"The bag and its contents were vouchered," Port Authority police spokesperson Joseph Pentangelo said. "Thus far, no owner has come forward."

If authorities are looking for a way to dispose of a thousand unused rubbers, we may know a guy who specializes in that sort of thing.