Nina Dobrev/Instagram

Nina Dobrev's Star-Studded Super Bowl Was The Opposite Of Suck

Nina was one bowl of buffalo dip away from the perfect Super Bowl.

For many people -- especially Seahawks fans -- this Super Bowl weekend really sucked. "The Vampire Diaries" star Nina Dobrev, however, was not one of these people.

Basically, while you were making various dips out of cream cheese and coming up with excuses to get out of work on Monday, Dobrev was living your best life straight from the hottest seats at Super Bowl XLIX -- and we say "hottest" because perfect humans Chris Pratt and Chris Evans were there. So to make your Monday morning even worse, we've complied all of Dobrev's most FOMO-inducing shots from the weekend into one handy-dandy post, because we're awful like that.

Enjoy the soul-crushing rage and endless jealousy.

  1. Here's Dobrev rubbing it in with Star-Lord.

    Let the man mourn, Nina.

  2. Here's Dobrev showing off her great view...

    ... of Captain America's biceps.

  3. Here's Dobrev hanging out with her timeslot competitor.

    Nina and Ellen Pompeo make Thursday night at 8 look GOOD.

  4. Here's Dobrev getting "Gossip"-y with Chace Crawford.

    Nina's fun started on Sunday -- Dobrev had a blast with her Upper East Side pal at the DirecTV Super Saturday Night party in Glendale, AZ.

  5. Here's Dobrev witnessing the legendary love of Aaron and Lauren Paul.

    Wait, so gorgeous famous TV people tend to gravitate toward other gorgeous, famous TV people? Who knew?!

  6. Here's Dobrev being Tony Romo and Peyton Manning's DUFF.

    Jokes, jokes -- but maybe Nina's effervescence helped Peyton finally get over #Deflategate? His facial suggestion suggests "no"...

  7. Here's Dobrev doing football stuff with Drew Brees.

    Sure, hang out with every non-Super Bowl playing QB this weekend, why don't you.

  8. Here's Dobrev's kick-ass view of Rihanna's pants suit.