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Britney Spears Relived Her Super Bowl Halftime Memories Last Night

Steven Tyler was there, but no Justin.

Britney Spears knew exactly how Katy Perry was feeling on Sunday night during the Super Bowl. Been there, rocked that. In fact, not only did she get to watch the New England Patriots stun the Seattle Seahawks in a game for the ages (in a sweet skybox, we assume), Brit also had a chance to reunite with an old Super Bowl buddy.

Remember back in 2001 when Spears sparkled on the Super Bowl halftime stage alongside 'NYSYNC and Aerosmith and Nelly?


Well, look who just popped into the suite for a sweet reunion on Sunday night?

Aerosmith singer Tyler wasn't the only one reminiscing. Britney got her camera out too.

Where was Nelly, though?