This Will Ferrell/Kevin Hart Lip Sync Battle Wins The Superbowl Postgame

Will Ferrell is 'Drunk in Love' on the 'Tonight Show' stage.

Despite what you may have heard, the fiercest competition on TV last night was not a football game; it was a lip-sync battle, and it was historic.

Jimmy Fallon was joined on "The Tonight Show" by Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, with each man set on claiming victory for his performance of a pop song involving no actual singing. Right out of the gate, Ferrell's writhing, body-rubbing rendition of "Drunk in Love" was a clear contender -- but Jimmy's passionate performance of "Since U Been Gone" was more than equal to it, as was Kevin Hart and his emotional take on John Legend's "All of Me," and that was before Drew Barrymore showed up for a surprise "Dirty Dancing" duet.

To find out who won, who lost, who tore his pants, and who did last night's best rendition of Katy Perry's "Roar" not to involve a giant animatronic lion, check out the full video below.