The 23 Greatest Super Bowl Commercials, Ranked

The Patriots won the big game, but the commercials won everything else.

Congratulations are in order for the New England Patriots, who beat out the Seattle Seahawks in a squeaker at last night's Super Bowl. But the real winners are the people off the field and in front of their television sets, because this year's crop of Super Bowl commercials was some of the best in years.

From celebrity cameos to highly anticipated movie trailers, here's the best of the best of this year's Super Bowl commercials.

  1. Nick Offerman Reps NASCAR

    Is there such a thing as too much Ron Swanson? Maybe. Always good to see the gold-hoarding man's man in the spotlight, but hard to picture him being the spokesperson for anything, except all the bacon and eggs you have.

  2. Nationwide Makes Mindy Kaling Invisible

    Until she kisses Matt Damon, when she becomes super visible, and super awkward.

  3. Tom Brady Loves Mark Wahlberg and "Ted," Too

    The Thunder Buddies add the winning New England Patriots quarterback to their elite group of friends. Sadly, Brady doesn't seem all that interested.

  4. Now Introducing "The Royals"

    What is even happening here? What is this show? Why is it not here right now?

  5. Now Reintroducing "Heroes"

    Yep, this is actually happening! And look, Chuck!

  6. Jeff Bridges Puts You To Sleep

    How many of you fell asleep to last night?

  7. Fifty Shades of Game Day

    "You must be really boring." You must be really wrong.

  8. Welcome to "Tomorrowland"

    George Clooney, you can take us to magic future world whenever you want.

  9. Bon Voyage, Brian

    Paul Walker's final ride looms with "Furious 7," and it makes the Super Bowl spot all the more intense.

  10. The Perfect Getaway

    Pierce Brosnan really wants back in on Bond.

  11. The Tortoise and the Hare

    Always bet on the shell.

  12. Save Kim's Data

    Do it for the children.

  13. Dance Party Intermission

    I have no idea what Mountain Dew's Kickstart tastes like, but I want all of it in my system right now.

  14. All Hail the "Kingsman"

    Super-spy Colin Firth cannot get in front of our faces soon enough.

  15. It's A "Jurassic World" And We're Just Living In It

    Dino-rider Chris Pratt cannot get in front of our faces soon enough.

  16. Acca-Awesome

    This trailer is pitch perfect… too.

  17. Acca-Avocado

    Poor polar bear.

  18. Wrath of the Mophie

    Somebody charge God's phone, quick!

  19. Lindsay Lohan is Sorta Your Mom

    Well played, Esurance. Well played.

  20. Welcome Back, Walter White

    Heisenberg returns, if only for a minute.

  21. The Machete Bunch

    Someone get Jan a Snickers bar, fast.

  22. Clash of the Neesons

    AngryNeeson52 was not an option on our Liam Neeson badass quiz, but he certainly should have been.

  23. Fight Like A Girl

    Best in show.