'Like A Girl' Super Bowl Ad Tops Twitter, But So Do Haters

This is why we can't have nice things.

The conversation around Super Bowl commercials is often dominated by the best new products, the most surprising celebrity cameos or the flashiest effects, but the ad that made one of the biggest splashes this year is actually a short video spot that's been online since June, 2014.

Always played its #LikeAGirl spot, a video that combines real adults' and young boys' candid, mocking reactions when asked to demonstrate "running like a girl" or "fighting like a girl," contrasted with young girls' responses to the same prompts. While the adults and boys flail about and laugh, acting weak and ineffective, the young girls show off their strongest shadowboxing and run in earnest.

"When did doing something 'like a girl' become an insult?" the ad asks.

Twitter exploded with approval at the ad, quickly pushing the #likeagirl hashtag to trending.

Always asked Twitter users to #CrashTwitter in tweets, and fans responded in kind. Unfortunately, detractors, some serious and some in attempts at humor, also jumped to social media to give their opinion on the ad. #LikeaBoy also trended, and some co-opted the #LikeaGirl hashtag to deride the ad's message.

Supporters of the ad shot back, pointing out that #LikeABoy and users tweeting negative comments about, for example, players' performance with #LikeAGirl, only served to underline how necessary the ad's message is.

Whatever you may think of the ad, though the spot has been online for almost a year, clearly the conversation is just beginning.