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50 Cent Called A$AP Rocky A 'Punk' And Here's How Rocky Responded

Tatted Up Holly is at the center of this disagreement.

50 Cent found out that A$AP Rocky sent his former girlfriend Tatted Up Holly a direct message on Instagram, and he apparently didn’t like it. So, he hit IG with a since-deleted post about the A$AP Mob star.

“Last time I seen this punk, he had a dress on,” 50 reportedly said in an Instagram caption that was screen-captured by Vibe this weekend.. “You can’t afford Holly. I gave her habits. Get your weight up first, boy. Bentley and better over here, n—a. Can you buy that? F— you think? I’m Kanye and you Wiz lol.”


Rocky didn’t back down after reading that. Instead, he released his own message via Twitter on Sunday.

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50 and Holly were at odds recently after she called him a “manipulating women beater” in an Instagram post where she also threatened to leak pictures of him abusing her.


After this, 50 issued a “public apology” to Holly on Instagram with another since-deleted post that was captured by XXL.


This may not be the end of the back-and-forth between the New York MCs. Soon after posting the above tweets, Rocky hit IG with this picture.

His caption? "Be in yo b---- DMs like."

Sadly, it looks like this might be far from over.