This New Posse Cut With DMC, PMD, MC Serch And Chuck D Will Blow Your Mind

Bow down before the hip-hop heavyweights-turned-hellraisers.

Need some new theme music to start your weekend off right? Consider the new video for the Big K.O.-produced posse cut, “Hellraisers,” featuring DMC, PMD, MC Serch and Chuck D.

Yes, you heard right. A posse cut. Remember those?

In the Rob Martin & Masar-directed clip, the grown-men rap legends separate themselves from all the hip-hop cubs with crisp, throwback lyrics over a beat that borrows heavily from Run-DMC’s “Raising Hell," reminding you why they’re some of the greatest emcees of all time.

I mean, where else can you hear three Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members on one song?

“Hip-hop is cool, so I’mma bring some heat, settin’ fire to the track, burning up the street/ I walked on ice and never fell, I skate across the ice, I’m like the NHL/ I’ll kick yo ass like the MMA, gettin’ down to the tracks of JMJ/ Just like my guns, I’m a shoot the gift, cause we’re the wrong ones to be f--kin’ with,” raps DMC.

Once Darryl puts his mic back in the holster, PMD, MC Serch and the Public Enemy frontman each take turns lyrically destroying the track.

You can buy the limited edition clear vinyl of “Hellraisers” here.