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You'll Literally Never Guess Who One Direction Might Be Collaborating With

Nickelback? Juicy J? Is this real life??

You guys, One Direction have been on their grind. They’ve managed to bless us with four albums in just four years, so it's totally fair that they might want to branch out from their usual influences to keep their creative process fresh and exciting for album #5 (which, no offense to Four, will hopefully not be called Five).

And apparently, that inspiration might be coming from some hella bizarre collaborations.

Exhibit A: Rapper Juicy J raised some eyebrows this week when he posted a bro-y pic with Liam Payne, sparking collaboration rumors with the caption: “We working!”

At first I was all, “Memphis vibes mixed with ‘Steal My Girl’-style piano riffs? Nah, no way that would work.”

But the more I got to thinking about it, the more it made sense that Juicy and remix king “Big Payno” would totally whip up some sick beats. (Oops, sorry Taylor Swift. I forgot you own the rights to "s-ck b--t." Never again.)

Exhibit B: In an even more random reveal, former Trapt and Daughtry drummer Robin Diaz confused the heck out of Directioners when he posted a pair of studio pics with Liam, Louis Tomlinson and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger.


Diaz called the 1D hotties: “probably the best singers I’ve worked with!!!!” Judging by his overzealous use of exclamation points, he is either a really enthusiastic guy in general or he’s just extra-psyched about this rumored collab.

In the second snap, Diaz revealed that: “Chad just taught them how to play drums. No lie!!!”

What the what?! Until now, only Irish Jig Master Niall Horan had regularly manned an instrument onstage with his angelic guitar-strumming. But could Liam and Louis be taking turns on the drums during 1D’s upcoming On The Road Again Tour?

And more importantly, will the boys’ next album sound like a mash-up of “Night Changes,” “Bandz A Make Her Dance” and “Photograph?” Because I would definitely listen to that, TBH.