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Jonny Weston Totally Ships Himself With Ian Somerhalder

"He's a handsome man," says Weston.

Reporting by Nicole Pajer.

Ian Somerhalder's baby blues are so captivating, even the bros can't look away! Just ask Jonny Weston.

Speaking to MTV at a press day for his latest film "Project Almanac," Weston opened up about his mad love for the good-looking "Vampire Diaries" star. "He's a well put together, handsome dude," Weston said. And we have never shipped anything harder.

Okay, so maybe Weston (friend)ships himself with Somerhalder, but his proposed bro date at Disneyland? Now that's a "TVD" spin-off series we'd be totally into. Plus, seeing as its a basic requirement for CW stars to be genetically flawless -- something Weston's "Project Almanac" costar Sofia Black D'Elia knows first-hand from her days in the Upper East Side -- we think Weston will have no trouble landing a guest spot on the network. The only real question is: vampire, superhero, or both?

D'Elia also revealed her CW girl crush: Claire Holt. "She's a smoking hot babe, and I want to ship myself with her."

We certainly can't argue with that.