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Is 'The Rachel' Making A 2015 Comeback?

Selena Gomez and Sky Ferreira seem to think so.

While Jennifer Aniston is no longer a fan of the haircut she had through the mid-nineties—it's called "The Rachel," maybe you've heard of it?—it looks like it's making its way back onto the heads of young famous ladies. Let us explain.

Last week, Selena Gomez debuted a new, short ’do and everyone—or at least everyone who is familiar with Selena Gomez's hair—was like, "Wait. Is that the Rachel?" While it's not quite as short and shiny as the infamous cut, it's definitely has some of its elements. The pieceiness, the short layers, and the tousled styling are all definitely Rachel-esque.

Selena isn't the first singer/young person to dabble in The Rachel recently, though—Sky Ferreira got herself one this summer. She shared her flippy, layered look with Miley Cyrus and her sister Noah and, um, turns out Noah is so young she doesn't even know what (or who) "The Rachel" is.

Will anyone realize that 2015 version of The Rachel actually looks pretty good and follow suit? We'll obviously keep our eyes peeled—this is Rachel Watch 2015.