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Artist To Watch: Here's Why Rae Sremmurd Are Totally Your Type

They ain't got no type, but that doesn't mean they're not yours.

With all due respect to dope artists like David Banner and Big K.R.I.T., people don't usually think of Mississippi as a hotbed of hip-hop talent. But that may soon begin to change thanks to MTV's latest Artists To Watch, Rae Sremmurd.

The duo, comprised of the brothers Slim Jimmy and Swae Lee, were born in California but raised in Tupelo, Mississippi, where they got their start musically. They began to hone their skills long before anyone ever heard of them, throwing parties, writing raps, and preparing for the breakthrough moment that they've been enjoying over the last year.

With the help of producer Mike WiLL Made-It, the vibrant young MCs burst onto the scene in early 2014 with "No Flex Zone," and they've shown they have no plans of leaving or loosening their radio stranglehold any time soon.

And that's something we're OK with.

Who They Are

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These two brothers are carrying on the tradition of...Elvis?

Yeah. Kinda, at least.

Slim Jimmy and Swae Lee, 20- and 19-years-old, respectively, were raised in the rock-and-roll legend's hometown, but they're steadily putting the city back on the map with a whole new sound.

Just a year ago, basically no one knew Rae Sremmurd were. Now, it's hard to find a more buzzed-about rap duo around. And that's with good reason. Everything that the fellas put their vocals on seems to turn to sonic gold.

They signed to producer Mike Will's Ear Drummers label (their name is Ear Drummers backwards, by the way), which is a subsidiary of Interscope, and the three quickly began to make undeniable hip-hop heaters.

No looking back now.

What You Should Listen To

Everything. Seriously.

These dudes have put out very little music that's available to the public, and damn near everything they have will make your neck snap.

There's their breakout hit, of course, "No Flex Zone." Then there's the proof that they were no one-hit wonders, "No Type," which somehow became an even bigger smash than "Flex." Then there's the proof that they don't need to put the word "No" in the title of a song for it to be a hit, "Throw Some Mo," which showed they could hang with Nicki Minaj and Young Thug.

Those are just the singles. Their debut album, SremmLife, dropped in early January, and not only did it hit #1 on the Billboard Rap Album chart and #5 on the 200, but it's 45 minutes of non-stop party jams. If you need the soundtrack to your weekend -- or, better yet, to escape to Saturday on a Monday -- look no further.

Why You Should Listen

I would think the fact that my answer to "What you should listen to" was "everything" would be a good enough "why," but in case we need more reasons, here goes.

Their voices are unique and create a distinct sound on their records. They're full of fun, and they'll make you be full of fun, too. They play with melody in a catchy way (at times, frustratingly so). They ooze creativity, from their music to their outfits to their videos.

And they're consistent.

Pat Sajak Loves Them, So Obviously You Should, Too

"Wheel of Fortune" host Pat Sajak did a brilliant and hilarious rendition of "No Type" on ESPN's "Highly Questionable." It was bliss.

Naturally, when we saw Slim Jimmy and Swae Lee, we had to ask them about it. And their reaction was priceless.

What's Next

Like we said, their album dropped in early January, that's what's now. Expect shows, videos, over-the-top antics and more hits as they continue to promote the record.

Yeah. Definitely more hits.