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21 One Direction Lyrics We'd Totally Tattoo On Our Body For Harry Styles' Birthday

It's Harry's big day!

Images by Julia Panek & Frankey Derbis

I probably don't have to remind you of this, but... It's Harry Styles' birthday!!

And not just any birthday, it's Hazza's 21st.

Over the years Harry has given us a lot: his perfect smile, his shaggy curls and so many One Direction lyrics that have warmed our hearts and soothed our souls.

In celebration and appreciation of Harry's birthday and his love of tattoos, we present you with 21 1D lyrics we would totally tattoo on our bodies. Harry, feel free to use these if you're looking to get a new tat to mark this milestone year.

  1. "Little Things"
  2. "Best Song Ever"
  3. "Story of My Life"
  4. "Fool's Gold"
  5. "One Thing"
  6. "Live While We're Young"
  7. "Kiss You"
  8. "Midnight Memories"
  9. "Stockholm Syndrome"
  10. "You & I"
  11. "Through The Dark"
  12. "Spaces"
  13. "Little Black Dress"
  14. "Night Changes"
  15. "Strong"
  16. "Strong" Again.
  17. OK, Last Time For "Strong"
  18. "Diana"
  19. "18"
  20. "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?"
  21. "Fireproof"

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