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Here's The Super Obvious Reason Why Women Like Casual Sex

Research confirms what we already know about one night stands.

Guys. Guys! We have some serious breaking news here. Researchers at the University of Ottawa studied women's motivations for hanky panky and YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHY THEY ENJOY CASUAL SEX!!!

JK, you will. 510 women -- mostly from Canada, as if that makes a difference -- reported their sexual attitudes in a survey. Their top reason for engaging in casual sex? Because "the person's physical appearance turned me on." "It feels good" and "I was 'horny'" were the next two reasons.

We know, this is some groundbreaking stuff here. Who would've thought women have one night stands because it feels good? It's crazy.

All jokes aside, the study didn't just look at casual sex. It also examined women's motivations for sexytime when they were in a relationship or married. Even under these circumstances, women still named "it feels good" as their primary motivator for jumping into bed, but they also cited more emotional reasons -- like to "show my affection" or "communicate at a 'deeper' level" -- as well.

According to the study, "[W]omen reported more physical motivations for casual sex and more emotional motivations for sex in a committed relationship." The researchers also found no significant differences in sexual motivations between women of different sexual orientations.

So what did we learn here? Women have sex because they want to have sex. Done and done.