13 'Hills'-Inspired Ways Lauren Conrad Can Celebrate Her Birthday

The MTV starlet is 29!

The "Hills" are certainly alive with the sound of "happy birthday" melodies -- for the always darling and effervescent Lauren Conrad.

The Laguna Beach lady is turning 29 today and inching ever-so-close to her thirties. My, how times have changed since we watched LC commemorate her birth with an unforgettable Spencer Pratt-led message over some bubbles -- or deal with ex-BFF Heidi Montag in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But in honor of this very special occasion, we decided to point out all of the ways Mrs. Tell can celebrate her big day -- inspired by her televised time in Tinseltown:

  1. Avoid doing work at all costs
  2. If it's a beautiful day in SoCal, make it a point to spend it outdoors -- preferably in a bikini.
  3. Pamper yourself at the hair salon.
  4. Find the perfect party outfit...
  5. ...and make sure to apply waterproof mascara.
  6. Surround yourself with your nearest and dearest.
  7. When opening your presents, it's fabulous to be surprised.
  8. Pop a bottle of champagne...
  9. ...but if someone makes an awkward toast, just raise your glass anyways.
  10. Bust a SERIOUS move on the dance floor...
  11. ..but try your best NOT to make an early exit from the bash.
  12. Important: Do your very best to avoid boats.
  13. But, above all else, enjoy your big day and flash that gorg smile.

Happy birthday, girl! Be sure to offer your well wishes to LC below!