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11 Instagrams That Misunderstood #SundayFunday

Maybe some people just have a different idea of "fun"?

#SundayFunday has been hashtagged some 12 MILLION TIMES on Instagram. It's generally supposed to show you hanging with friends, eating great food and (if you're 21+) perhaps even drinking something strong enough to make you forget that there's fewer than 24 hours 'til you have to go to work or school again.

But just because you tag it, doesn't mean you're doing #SundayFunday right. Here are some real #SundayFunday-tagged 'grams of late that don't look like good times.

  1. Taking antibiotics for rabies

    And we quote: "My breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next 5 days. #dogbite #infection #meds #medication #antibiotics #pills #pillpoppin #dog #rabies #hospital #emergency #ER #doctor #nurse #animalcontrol #sundaynight #sundayfunday #sh-tgotreal"

  2. Grocery shopping

    Aren't chores the opposite of fun by definition?

  3. Flexing by yourself

    You're even ruining your mirror's #SundayFunday.

  4. Trying to pet ducks

    This "adorable drunk mess attempting to pet some trash eating ducks" was surely the life of last night's party.

  5. Trying to pet squirrels

    See #1, "Taking antibiotics for rabies."

  6. Doing nothing in bed

    Don't get us wrong -- doing nothing in bed is THE BEST -- but it's more relaxing than thrilling.

  7. Wearing a creepy mask

    This ... isn't fun for anyone.

  8. Getting stuck in traffic

    The soundtrack and fast-forward makes it seem less bumper-to-bumper.

  9. Fanny-packin'

    At least it's shaped like a football? Let the fun begin.

  10. Shirtless puking

    "[S]ome positive encouragement to help him through his morning puke and ralley." It ain't #SundayFunday if you're still feeling Saturday's fun.

  11. Wearing "Sunday Funday" shirts

    If you have to wear one, you're probably not having one.