Whitney Port Reflects On Her Infamous, Meme-Worthy 'Tiff! Criss!' Moment

Looks like the former 'Hills' star's book of potential baby names will remain Tiffany-less and sans Crystal.

Frowning relies on the use of at least 11 muscles, but in 2007, we learned it merely takes the mention of the names "Tiffany" or "Crystal" for Whitney Port to deliver this expression:

While filming Season 3 of "The Hills," Whit and her good buddy/co-worker Lauren Conrad found themselves in a familiar position: gossiping in the Teen Vogue fashion closet. The girls' gab-sessions typically tackled the topics of boys or brewing feuds, but on this particular day, something special happened. LC shared that her parents had toyed with naming their beloved first-born Crystal or Tiffany -- and the usually docile Whit proceeded to have a field day with what could have been, but would never be.

"Tiff!" she shouted to address the friend she'd never know.

"Criss!" she mused, resigned to the fact that the desk opposite hers would remain occupied only by a "Lauren."

Whit made her opinion on the names pretty clear eight years back, but where does she stand on the monikers now? See what she told MTV News in the video below, and see what she had to say about her recent hair makeover, as well!