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Katy Perry Will Release Limited Edition Merch During The Super Bowl

A legitimate reason to be on your phone during the game!

Just when we thought Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show couldn't possibly get any better, we find out there will be limited edition merch available from it.

According to Variety, KP merch will be available to purchase "via Twitter, YouTube, Shazam and Internet-connected TV devices from Roku, Samsung and LG Electronics." Oh, wait, WHAT??

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Yeah, so, the Pepsi and Visa Twitter accounts—and maybe @katyperry, though that's not confirmed yet—will be tweeting, and using Twitter's "Buy Now" feature, fans will be able to purchase the products immediately.

On Vevo, there will be links to purchase the merch, and on Shazam, if you ID any of the songs from the performance—which, hi, how do you not know Katy Perry's songs???—the app will give you the chance to make a purchase.

Considering the football-themed outfit Katy wore to the halftime show press conference, we have a feeling whatever merch will be available will pay attention to the event its celebrating. Whatever it is will be available until February 3 or until it sells out. The best part of this whole thing, though? I now have a legitimate reason to be on my phone during the game—yayyy.