See What Happens When Screaming Ninjas Accost Unsuspecting New Yorkers

In this 'Broke A$$ Game Show' sneak peek, passersby get the surprise of their lives.

It's not loose air conditioning units or faulty subway grates that should draw your concern while walking down New York City streets.

It's ninjas.

On the upcoming "Broke A$$ Game Show," comedians David Magidoff and Derek Gaines will challenge urbanites to compete in totally makeshift (see: brokeass) challenges for cash, and in the sneak peek for the "Ninja Please" game below, thrusting passersby into a sudden installment of real-life Street Fighter proves to be quite the shock.

The first unsuspecting participant, who's chatting away on his phone in the middle of a rainy day, looks like he's seen a ghost when four masked martial artists obstruct his path and offer up four wooden beams. As David and Derek start a countdown (to what...we're not sure), the man looks confused, but finally, he responds to their urgency and, after punching through one of the ninja's props, wins a cool five bones.

"You scared the sh** out of me," he admits after collecting his rightful reward. That's the price of unwitting game show fame, pal!

See another slapdash ninja raid above, and be sure to tune in to the season premiere of "Broke A$$ Game Show" Thursday, February 5 at 11/10c!