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Audrina Patridge's Purple Locks Are History -- See What She Did To Her Hair THIS Time

The former 'Hills' star has yet another new hue.

For Audrina Patridge, a hair color change used to mean darkening her brunette locks into a darker hue or lightening them up with a pop of highlights. But these days, the "Hills" starlet has been taking some major risks in the dye department: Drina kicked off 2015 with a bold silver and lavender combination, and now, the SoCal beauty has opted for another unique hue. Drumroll, please...

Briana Cisneros' Instagram

It's blond, with hints of pink! But why the new look just a few short weeks after the MTV alum's dramatic and unique purpletastic makeover?

"When [Audrina] came in, her silver and lavender had faded beautifully from being at the beaches in Hawaii and Australia," the "1st Look" host's stylist Bianca Cisneros captioned the Instagram snapshot above. "We went for a subtle pink champagne blonde."

No word if the transformation took eight hours like the previous style, but we're loving Audrina's rose-tinted mane. Our girl isn't the first from the Tinseltown crew to opt for salmon streaks, though: Her Hillside Villa roomie Lauren Conrad has played with this shade before but ultimately went back to her trademark blond.

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