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Is Drake The Secret To The Atlanta Hawks' 16-Game Winning-Streak?

Could it be any other way?

The Atlanta Hawks may be the most surprising team in the NBA this year: A playoff squad in recent seasons, they've catapulted to the league's elite, currently boasting the most wins in the NBA (37), allowing the least points per game (96.2) and on a 16-game winning streak (in addition to wins in 30 of their last 32 games).

And the secret to the squad being so in sync? Drake, of course.

When the team's starting five was asked by ESPN how their coach, Mike Budenholzer, only in his second year, was able to create a winning culture so quickly, point guard Jeff Teague pointed to a watershed bonding moment.

"Me and him built a relationship when I seen him at the Drake concert," Teague said with a laugh. "He was at the Drake concert! I looked up, I said, 'Coach Bud?!' Him and his wife. That was amazing to see him in that atmosphere."

"I just didn't see Coach Bud at a Drake concert; I just didn't see that coming," he continued. "When I looked back and I seen him, I was like, 'That's impressive.'"

(This, by the way, is resident Drizzy fan Mike Budenholzer.)

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DeMarre Carroll, one of the team's starting forwards, was also at the show -- and was equally impressed.

"I actually went up there and hung out with him a little bit," he said. "It was good, man, to see the Coach in that type of atmosphere."

And there you have it. Yeah, they credited other things for the team's success -- the selflessness of the players, Budenholzer's past as an assistant on championship-winning teams and openness to giving days off -- but, mostly, it seems like Hawks fans have Drake to thank for the organization's hot streak.

Toronto Raptors fans, on the other hand, may not be too pleased with this.