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Teens Are Very, Very Angry With Snapchat's New Update

A moment of silence for everyone who can't stalk their bae's Best Friends list anymore.

Yesterday (January 27th) Snapchat introduced an innovative new feature called Discover in the latest version of their app -- and quietly made everyone's Best Friends list private, causing teens everywhere to flip their sh-t.

If you aren't much of a Snapchatter, the Best Friends feature is simply a list of people who a user interacts with most frequently on the app. It's similar to Myspace's Top 8 friends, except users can't control who shows up on their list. Best Friends lists were previously public, so that anyone in a user's Snapchat contacts could see who they were sending snaps to. With this new upgrade, the list became private. Users can view their own Best Friends but not anyone else's.

The app's update wasn't even supposed to be about Best Friends, though. The new addition of Discover allows users to stay up-to-date with the latest news by checking out the Snapchat Stories from their favorite media brands. The redesigned layout is clean and easy-to-navigate. But judging from the numerous outraged tweets -- #snapchatupdate trended nationwide last night -- snooping through other people's Best Friends is what everyone cared most about.

When Best Friends were public, nosy girlfriends and boyfriends could casually check up on who their bae is snapping. As you can imagine, this led to some tricky situations. People sometimes got jealous over who was (and wasn't) on their significant other's list. One guy even took his concern to the next level by Facebook messaging a dude who was Best Friends with his ex-girlfriend:


The ex-boyfriend then rambles on and on about his super meaningful relationship with this girl. You can view the rest of the very dramatic and, frankly, kind of pathetic conversation on Imgur. You get the point, though. Public Best Friends lists were a recipe for drama in many relationships, yet people are very, very angry that Snapchat took them away for now. Here are just a few of the unhappy Snapchatters:

(The National Geographic section of the Discover feature shows off an adorable baby sloth.)

Plenty of people are already cracking jokes about the upgrade:

Even Kevin Jonas is in on the action:

If you're one of those people freaking out about Snapchat hindering your stalking -- I mean, investigating -- methods, don't fret just yet. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel promises the Best Friends lists will be public again in the future, but there's no word on how long we'll have to wait.

In the meantime, Facebook and Instagram "investigations" will have to suffice. Do your thing, ladies and fellas. We're not judging you.