Austin Mahone's Instagram (@austinmahone)

Austin Mahone Teases A Very 'Finding Nemo'-y Track: Listen

Do you sometimes feel like the fish in Austin's Instagram?

As we wait for Austin Mahone's album -- which was pushed from a 2014 release to a 2015 one -- Austin keeps teasing us with photos and videos of his studio sessions. A few days after responding to a fan who said that wait was getting too long, the singer posted another song clip on his Instagram.

As fish swim in a tank, Austin's voice meanders soulfully over a mysterious track. His voice echoes back to him along with a reverby guitar twang, as if he were playing the song in the water itself.

And while many fans were caught up with how much the fish resemble Dory and Nemo from "Finding Nemo," others were pumped for the new song:

But mostly the fish.

But I don't know, do you guys feel like we're the fish in that tank, swimming in circles, waiting for Austin to put this thing out?